The Spirit of Trinity: How a Community Came Together to Build a Hospital

Earlier this month, Aurora Health Care stepped up to raise funds — just shy of $20,000! — for the purchase of a second life-saving LUCAS automated CPR device for use by the South Milwaukee Fire Department.

It was yet another sign of the strong partnership between the health care system and the South Shore communities that came together to, quite literally, build Trinity Memorial Hospital in Cudahy (now Aurora South Shore).

In researching my remarks, I came across the story of how it happened. It’s fascinating — an example of what people can do when they work together for a singular purpose.

Of note is the leadership South Milwaukee played during the early days.

From a community survey commissioned by the South Milwaukee Lions in 1947, 11 years before the hospital would open, to the creation of a fundraising board by then-South Milwaukee Mayor Charles Plotz and the common council in 1951, our city proudly led the way in making this happen.

Check out the article to learn more … and thank those who came before us to make this happen, 60 years ago this year. Our community is stronger because of it.

Thanks, Barbara Kendall (mom), for the photo. 

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