June 27: School District Plans Community Information Session for Proposed Referendum

From the South Milwaukee School Board and SoMilwReferendum.org

The School District of South Milwaukee School Board is evaluating the district’s financial needs and developing solutions that will strengthen the physical safety of our schools and enhance the educational opportunities provided to our students.

As part of this process, the Board is keeping parents, staff, and community members informed of the opportunities and challenges facing the district. We are developing a solution that meets the community’s needs, is fiscally responsible, and effectively invests in our schools for the years ahead. 

We invite you to learn more by reading answers to frequently asked questions and some background information on the School District of South Milwaukee’s financial history and situation. Do you have a question not addressed here? Please complete this form and we will add all new and relevant questions, along with responses, on a weekly basis.

Finally, we invite you join us for a community information session on Wednesday, June 27, from 6 to 7 p.m. in the district’s board room. Please enter through Door 8 at the high school (901 15th Avenue).


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14 responses to “June 27: School District Plans Community Information Session for Proposed Referendum

  1. RocketMom

    It would have be nice to have more than a 24 hour notice on this referendum. I hope they will have more information sessions. Thank you!

  2. Melanie

    Funny, when l asked for doors on Blakewood classrooms, you replied, And you expect the city taxpayers to fund this. Love how you saved all these great surprises for us after you got re-elected

    • The city and I have nothing to do with the school referendum. This is a decision of the school district and its elected board members. If I implied otherwise, and I can’t see how I would make such a statement, I was wrong. Of course, as parent, and as mayor of a city where our quality schools are an important part of our story, I am following closely what is happening.

      • Melanie

        But you knew it was in the works, c’mon. And now city taxpayers will pay for doors, and the 42 million dollar school referendum isn’t even paid off. Can’t wait to see what else is coming down the road. The escrow portion on my mortgage is almost twice the principle.

      • SM Guy

        There is apparently a very serious difficulty in the way we conduct business. We have a Police and Fire Commission, a Wastewater Commission, etc., that oversee the various departments. At the end of the day, the mayor and aldermen are responsible and can look at the entire budget and tax burden and make decisions accordingly. Then we have the School Board that runs as it’s own separate little group and isn’t forced to think of the big picture.

  3. Diane D

    My concern is the statement from Mayor Brooks “we COULD get state aid”. This is not the way anyone of any caliber should do business. Get all the facts Mayor Brooks!!! This could lead to financial disaster. This is imperative!!!

  4. Diane Dombrowski

    This is in your post from June 26 @ 9:49 pm. SDSM Financial History and Information. This is in reference to how public school districts receive funding.Titled: IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND.”In addition, the passage of a referendum could result in an increase in state aid that would help offset the property tax impact..

    • Ryan

      Diane D
      This to me appears to be put out by the School District of South Milwaukee School Board and the mayor was just reposting it and directing people where to find more information. It appears to me he used his blog so that the citizens could be informed of something the school district was discussing. This is the way I read the posting, my two cents.

  5. Diane Dombrowski

    Ok thank you Ryan. I still think our mayor passing along information about state aid should be aware of how significant the impact would be that this unanswered question would have on all taxpayers. Can anyone give me the proper authority to contact. Anyone?

  6. donnap356gmailcom

    I just read in the Journal Sentinal, on July 6, that there are still 45 million dollars available for school safety from the state of Wisconson. Have we applied for these funds?

  7. Diane D

    IF there is any state funds left to help with the issue of school safety, I hope our elected officials would be expedient in pursuing them. Mayor, common council members, school board members and other city officials you need to band together. Your all taxpayers!! If you’ve never communicated with each other maybe you should START!!!!

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