Partnering with Cheata Bikes to Make Our Streets Safer

I’m excited for this unique and innovative partnership, one that will make South Milwaukee safer. Look for media coverage on this in the days ahead …

Cheata Bikes Partners with South Milwaukee Police Department to Get a Motor Bicycle on the Street

img_2268SOUTH MILWAUKEE – South Milwaukee police officers will have a new patrol vehicle this summer thanks to an innovative partnership with Cheata Bikes.

Cheata, based in South Milwaukee, has designed a customized motor bicycle to be used by the department from July through October – in time for use during the busy South Milwaukee summer events season.

“We are excited about this collaboration, and will definitely put the bike to good use,” South Milwaukee Police Chief William Jessup said. “We recently re-introduced our bicycle patrol program, and this will take that to another level, helping us get out into the community more, improve patrols, and better support local events. This will make our job easier.”

Said Ravi Bhagat, the owner of Cheata Bikes: “My enthusiasm for this collaboration stems from the fact that the South Milwaukee Police Department will have an additional tool to engage members of the community in a positive way. We are proud and excited that the South Milwaukee Police Department will be the first in the nation to roll out this program.”

Like all Cheata Bikes, the bike will be equipped a high-quality 49cc, 4-cycle engine, and is street legal. It will be customized with a siren and emergency lights for the department.

The bike will first be used at the city’s July 4th festivities at Grant Park, and you will also likely see it at the South Milwaukee Downtown Market, the South Milwaukee Heritage Days Parade, South Milwaukee Lionsfest and other events, Jessup said. You will also likely see it on patrol in and around Grant Park and the Oak Creek Parkway, in downtown South Milwaukee and other local neighborhoods, as time allows.

“We can’t wait to get this bike out on the streets of South Milwaukee,” Jessup said. “We thank Cheata Bikes for their continued support.”

Cheata currently hand builds three models (Varuna, Goliath and Apollo). All street legal in many places, they are known for their retro-sheik design and new technology, hitting speeds up to 30 mph and getting 150 miles to the gallon in unleaded gas. Since the launch of Cheata Bikes in 2016, the company has been regularly shipping their bikes all over the U.S. and to other countries like Germany and Saudi Arabia. The company is continuing to experience measured growth by adding dealers regionally and nationally. The company currently has dealers in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota. “Growing slowly and methodically allows us to maintain a high standard of quality and consistency,” said Director of Sales Ryan Rosenthal. “College students like them for their style, economy and easy bike rack parking. Baby Boomers love them because they are fun, unique and stylish, and others enjoy them as a fun and efficient way to commute, enjoy the outdoors and meet up with friends.”

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