Patrolling the Lake: South Milwaukee Fire Department Answers the Call

A couple recent Facebook posts from the South Milwaukee Fire Department …

At approximately 10:45 this evening (Saturday, June 30), SMFD’s rescue boats were requested by the Cudahy Fire Department to assist in extricating an adult patient from the Lake Michigan shoreline. The patient was initially brought aboard our inflatable raft and then transferred to the rescue boat. The patient was transported by boat to the SM Yacht Club, where he was placed in Med-10 and then transported to an area hospital for treatment.

And this …

Several weeks ago, SMFD was called to Grant Park Beach for the report of a person in distress in Lake Michigan. The weather conditions that day were very similar to what we expect for this weekend. Fortunately, the teenage girl that had experienced an asthma attack while floating on an air mattress out in the water and was struggling to get ashore was seen by a jet skier and safely brought in. SMFD treated the patient and transported her to a local hospital. At the same time, another patient was encountered experiencing heat exhaustion and she was treated and transported, as well. SMFD would like to remind everyone to respect the waters of Lake Michigan, be safe during all water and beach activities and take precautions against heat-related issues. Especially, STAY HYDRATED!!

Thanks to all of our firefighters who keep us safe!

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