Continuing Work on a Plan for a Cleaner Oak Creek Watershed

Oak Creek Watershed Progress_with Years

An update from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission …

The SEWRPC staff have made good progress on the Plan report including drafting Chapter 1 (Introduction), Chapter 2 (Previous Studies, Projects, and Programs), and Chapter 3 (Characterization of the Watershed). 

For Chapter 2 we have summarized targeted and general recommendations relevant to the Oak Creek watershed from the regional water quality plan update (SEWRPC Planning Report No. 50).  Chapter 2 also summarizes other Milwaukee County, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, SEWRPC, and municipal studies, projects, and programs related to the Oak Creek watershed. 

Chapter 3 includes an overview of the land use, population, climate, geology, natural resources, and water resources in the watershed. Chapter 3 will provide a good baseline of historical changes and will lay the foundation for assessing the current conditions in the watershed (Chapter 4). 

Public stakeholders will have a chance to review all chapters as they are completed, starting later this year. I will keep you posted on those opportunities, and other chances for your voices to be heard as we shape the future of this watershed.

More details on the planning effort here.

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