Beautification Committee “Best of Tour” Award: Congratulations, Brad McKendry!

Congratulations to Brad McKendry, winner of the 2018 South Milwaukee Beautification Committee Garden Tour “Best of Tour” Award!

Members of the committee and South Milwaukee Historical Society recognized Brad at a ceremony Monday night in his beautiful garden at 612 Walnut Ave.


We also congratulated our Honorable Mention award winners — the Frederick garden at 1000 Emerson and the Griffith garden at 301 Lakeview Road — and all of the Tour participants for displaying some terrific gardens this year.

The proclamation I presented said it best …



WHEREAS, the South Milwaukee Historical Society held its 10th annual Garden Tour & Art Fair on June 23, 2018, with five local homeowners showcasing their gardens;

WHEREAS, the event also featured an artisan fair, food, demonstrations and music at the South Milwaukee Historical Society; and

WHEREAS, the Garden Tour is a great way to celebrate South Milwaukee’s best outdoor spaces and support the South Milwaukee Historical Society; and

WHEREAS, each participant in the tour had truly outstanding gardens worthy of recognition;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Mayor Erik Brooks, on behalf of the South Milwaukee Beautification Committee, do hereby award the Grand Prize award to Brad McKendry, 612 Walnut Street, whose English-style garden includes a gazebo, chalet, and koi ponds, and can be enjoyed while strolling along a flagstone path. The garden was initially designed by his late wife, Peggy, and is maintained as a tribute to her.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that I, Mayor Erik Brooks, the Beautification Committee and the entire South Milwaukee Common Council do hereby extend our congratulations to Brad McKendry on his beautiful garden display, thank all of the homeowners who were part of this year’s tour, and offer our sincere appreciation to all of the volunteers who made the 2018 event a success.

In addition to the proclamation, Brad received items from the Historical Society and more than $400 in collections for the Dementia Society of America, in honor of his late wife. What a special and beautiful tribute.

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