Headlines: Coverage of the Bucyrus Campus Sale, South Milwaukee Griddlers Cafe Closes and More

Check out these local headlines …

The South Milwaukee Police Department has published its weekly crime summary on its Facebook page.

Also, Divine Mercy School received a $15,708 school safety grant from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, according to its most recent announcement.

And, back to Griddlers, here is the formal message on their Facebook page

After many years in the restaurant business Don and Robb Hensiak have announced that they will be retiring from the business and pursuing other opportunities. Our Dad started with George Webb Restaurants in 1960. Robb and Don bought the family business in 1988 and founded Griddlers Cafe in 2011.

Don will begin teaching High School business at Cudahy High School in the fall of 2018 and Robb is considering his next steps.

The lease at our South Milwaukee location expires this year and we have decided to close that location effective July 29, 2018. The location is available for sale or lease with all equipment included. We are working on possible sales of the Loomis location and the Greenfield Avenue location.

We are extremely thankful to the many customers that have supported us over the years. We especially thank our wonderful staff. We are working hard to provide opportunities for those who wish to continue on after we sell our remaining locations.

We can be contacted at 414-545-3370, or dhensiak@griddlerscafe.com. Thank you!!

I wish the Hensiaks well in the next chapters of their lives.

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