Loving “Love Locks”

Here is one more reason to visit Grant Park Beach: to celebrate the love of your life.

You may have noticed the growing number of “love locks” on the chains that line the jetty heading out from the beach parking lot.

I checked them out this weekend and left, well, in love.

Check out coverage from TMJ4 and OnMilwaukee.com. As I said in the TMJ4 story …

“I love the idea of ‘love locks,’ and plan to add one of my own soon, celebrating 19 years of marriage to my sweetheart. What a great way to make a personal connection at a local attraction like Grant Park. There are so many good things happening at Grant Park Beach these days, and I’m glad to add this to the list.”

I spoke to county officials on this, and they are at worst neutral on “love locks.”

I get there have been concerns in other places about the weight of all these locks on bridges, environmental concerns about throwing metal keys in the water, and what thousands of these would look like vs. a dozens.

Certainly, those issues arose in Paris.

Maybe we’ll too have to worry about these negative effects someday, if and when this ever takes off. I hope it does.

For now, let’s just love it for what it is — a fun way to celebrate Grant Park, South Milwaukee, and a feeling the world could use more of these days.

And consider adding a lock of your own.

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One response to “Loving “Love Locks”

  1. Lori Zingsheim

    There’s a lot of love going around. Love the locks.

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