Fifth Annual: Rocketober 2018 is Here … and it Starts This Weekend!

The idea is simple: As South Milwaukee remains the only community in the area to hold trick-or-treating on its rightful day each year (Halloween evening), let’s also “own” the holiday in the area, and fall as a whole for that matter.

Round up all the cool fall and Halloween-related events going on around town, help create a few new ones, brand the whole enterprise, and jointly promote it. And, along the way, celebrate a great time of year to be a South Milwaukeean.

Welcome to year five of Rocketober! Here is your schedule.

It starts this weekend with a Suburban Soles Guided Nature Walk and Food Truck Sunday. We’ll see you around town … and be sure to like the Rocketober Facebook page for the most up-to-date schedule, event flyers, photos and more.

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