School District Referendum: Information Meeting Set for Monday, Sept. 17


From the South Milwaukee School District …

Vote November 6! Investing in our Future: Safe, Strong, Successful

The School District of South Milwaukee School Board has placed a referendum on the November 6 ballot to invest in three main goals:

1) Ensure students’ safety and address emotional needs

  • An annual budget item to specifically improve safety in all our schools.
  • Identifying and assisting students with emotional needs, providing them with direct services.

2) Maintain our existing programs and facilities

  • Ensure future students can benefit from the same outstanding programs and classes as our current students.
  • Protect the investment taxpayers have made in the district’s facilities through a yearly maintenance replacement budget.

3) Expand student learning opportunities and invest in the future

  • Personalized and innovative learning opportunities that allow students to receive additional support and flexible learning opportunities.
  • Additional staffing to increase virtual school options, add special education staff, provide academic support, expand 4K, reduce class sizes and more.

Election Day is November 6

The referendum question asks community members to increase the levy limit by $3.8 million over a period of six years. That’s an estimated tax impact of $9 to $12 per every $100,000 of assessed property value in each of the first five years. The final tax impact at the end of six years is a reduction of an estimated $140.18 per every $100,000 of assessed property value, due to other paid-off debt.

To Find Out More

The district is holding a community forum on Monday, September 17, from 6-7pm in the District Board Room at the 6-12 campus. Enter through Door #8. Two more forums are scheduled for October 9 and November 1, at the same time and location. All are welcome!

You may also find answers to frequently asked questions, including the estimated tax impact, at


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2 responses to “School District Referendum: Information Meeting Set for Monday, Sept. 17

  1. Cory p.

    Am I missing something? The way I understand is $12 per year for 5 years increase equals $60 and then the next year it would be decreased by $140 meaning after 6 years taxes would be $80 cheaper?

  2. Thank you for your question regarding how the overall tax rates will be reduced at the end of the referendum time period. The tax impact will increase $9-$12 for five years. In the sixth year, the tax impact will decrease by $191.40. That results in a net impact of a negative $140.18, meaning taxes will be $140.18 less overall than current rate.

    For future questions, the School District has a referendum website at that answers many frequently asked questions. There is also a form on that website to submit additional questions that you may have which will be answered directly by the district. That form can also be found here:

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