Preventing Cancer, Saving Lives: FBI Milwaukee Citizens Academy Alumni Association Donates Hoods to SMFD

From the South Milwaukee Fire Department …

Thanks to a very generous donation received from the FBI Milwaukee Citizens Academy Alumni Association, each SMFD Firefighter has now been issued a particulate barrier hood that is designed to reduce the risk of cancer-causing particulate contamination while being exposed to smoke and other products released during fires.

Cancer is a growing concern as more and more firefighters are being diagnosed than ever before. The SMFD has taken a very proactive approach to cancer risk reduction and prevention. Our philosophy is simple . . . If we can do one thing that prevents one exposure or one diagnosis or saves one life . . . it’s worth it.

This hood is in addition to the protective hoods that personnel are currently issued that will remain standard issue in order to always provide the opportunity for a clean hood while a soiled one is being laundered.

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