Public Meeting Set to Discuss KK River Material Potentially Coming to South Milwaukee Landfill


Details here, and in this story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

From the press release …

A public meeting to discuss the disposal of dredged material from the Kinnickinnic River in Pulaski Park (in Milwaukee) will be held by the Department of Natural Resources at 4 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 8, 2018, in the Common Council Chambers of the South Milwaukee City Administration Building, 2424 15th Avenue, South Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is proposing to place dredged material (solids removed from the bed of any surface water) from a portion of the Kinnickinnic River located in Milwaukee County’s Pulaski Park, Milwaukee onto the Falk Landfill, which is owned by Rexnord. The Falk landfill is located at 13th Avenue north of Rawson Avenue in the City of South Milwaukee.

The MMSD is planning to remove about 60,000 cubic yards of soil and sediment along the banks of the Kinnickinnic River and approximately 10,000 cubic yards will be disposed on the Falk Landfill.

The purpose of the meeting is to solicit public comment and answer questions on the proposal. There will be a brief introduction and explanation of the project by DNR and representatives of the MMSD and Rexnord. 

Please consider attending to learn more about what is being proposed.


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3 responses to “Public Meeting Set to Discuss KK River Material Potentially Coming to South Milwaukee Landfill

  1. Joe Popp oak steeet

    Sure let’s let this happen
    What could go wrong
    Close to the creek
    Close to the high school
    In the oak creek watershed
    So let’s clean up contaminated soil
    And dump it in south milwaukee close to
    The creek that empties into our pride
    And joy grant park beach
    And don’t say it won’t flow that way
    Contaminants leach threw the soil
    Might take years to show up but once it’s
    There it’s here to stay. As if our water shed
    Area isn’t polluted enough

    And the ground water runs that way

  2. RocketMom

    It needs to be clarified that the dredging will come from Pulaski park on Milwaukee’s near south Side. Not the Cudahy Pulaski Park. This was confusing to me.

  3. Melanie

    But what’s in it for us, $$$

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