So, Where is Da Crusher Statue Going?


Here, at 11th and Milwaukee. And it’s the perfect location …

  • In the heart of our downtown, so we can prominently show off this soon-to-be fun and iconic part of our city;
  • City-owned, making upgrades to the site much easier to accomplish;
  • With adjacent parking; and
  • With built-in potential event space that’s already being used that way by the South Milwaukee Downtown Market and other events throughout the year.

I thank the South Milwaukee City Council for getting behind this at last night’s meeting, city staff for their review of the several options we looked at, and Chris Smith and Da Crusher Foundation for their continued support and partnership.

Next up: A more detailed design of the conversion of the southern portion of the parking lot to a “pocket park,” and then installation of the statue in summer 2019.

More details here. How ’bout that?!

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