Tax Cut: City Council Unanimously Passes 2019 South Milwaukee Budget

The city portion of your upcoming tax bill will likely be smaller after the South Milwaukee Common Council passed our 2019 budget last week. 

Per my previous post on this, the overall tax levy will increase 3.5% to $just under $11 million, while the tax rate will decrease 2.8%, from $9.65 per $1,000 of assessed value, to $9.38. That means the city taxes on a property assessed at $150,000 will decrease from $1,447.50 to $1,407 when you see your tax bills in the mail in coming weeks.

Check out the 2019 city budget here.

As I’ve said, I’m proud we can deliver a city tax reduction for most property owners, and lower our debt. Still, the budget does not change the economic realities we continue to face — marked by restrictive state levy limits and other mandates that make it more and more difficult to fund our first-class city services. We will continue to fight that fight. We have to. 

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