Bringing Grant Park to the South Milwaukee Library

Check out this really cool story from NOW about a local artist painting a 7 Bridges-inspired mural at the South Milwaukee Library, as part of its ongoing upgrades. From the article about Sarah Henry … 

Henry said she grew up going to Seven Bridges, shot a few college films there, and she couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else.

Drawing since she was a child, Henry created her first comic books at age 7 – which she still has. In high school, Henry began to take her art more seriously by deciding to go into comics and animation as a career.

“What I enjoy, personally, is the mindset you drift into once you are immersed in your creative flow, and the feeling of looking at something and knowing ‘I made that with my hands,’” she said. “People’s reactions are probably my favorite part, though. Knowing you had a positive impact in someone’s life is something I don’t take for granted.”

Congratulations, Sarah! Here is a picture of her from Gallery Night, where her art was on display at Serendipitous Designs.

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