2018 Light Up South Milwaukee Awards: And Your Winners Are …

South Milwaukee has some terrific holiday lights displays — that much became clear as our Beautification Committee and guest judges took their tour of the top displays on Saturday. 

It was a really tough call, but we have our seven winners! 

First, a final shoutout to the 2017 honorees. We are not formally awarding last year’s winners this time around (they will be eligible again in 2019), but each of these property owners stepped up once again with some terrific displays. Be sure to check out their homes this week … 

  • 806 Lake Drive
  • 2501 8th Avenue
  • 3701 6th Avenue
  • 1333 Columbia Avenue
  • 1720 Manitoba Avenue 
  • 1306 Marquette Avenue
  • 1817 Edgewood Avenue

Now, on to our 2018 honorees. Each of these property owners receives $50 from the city, a yard sign and digital recognition. Congratulations!

1322 Edgewood Avenue
(Be sure to check out their light show set to music. Details here
737 Park Avenue
906 Fairview Avenue
1405 Columbia Avenue
1223 Noel Court
1304 18th Avenue
1113 Oak Creek Parkway 
(Those are lighted sheep, by the way. Details here.)

Here is the full list of addresses, to make your own holiday lights tour.

The judges also particularly liked these properties. Let’s call them honorable mentions, with a number very close to winning awards … 

  • 3105 Fifth Avenue
  • 3310 15th Avenue
  • 107 16th Avenue
  • 810 Carrington Avenue
  • Taco Stop at 513 N. Chicago Avenue
  • 713 Clark Avenue
  • 1216 Edgewood Avenue
  • 1305 Edgewood Avenue
  • 1233 Lakeview Avenue
  • 1237 Lakeview Avenue
  • 208 Laurel Lane
  • 1724 Manitoba Avenue 
  • 623 Menomonee Avenue
  • 1824 Milwaukee Avenue
  • 1349 Noel Court
  • 1219 Rawson Avenue
  • 3713 Russet Lane
  • 1709 Sherman Avenue
  • 1722 Sherman Avenue
  • 604 Walnut Street
  • 613 Walnut Street

And a special shoutout to the 3400, 3500 and 3600 blocks of Willow Lane. While we didn’t get any nominations from these blocks,  they are looking great. And they are not alone — it’s great to see so many entire blocks look so beautiful this time of year.

Which reminds me … we rely on nominations to make this happen, so if you have a house worthy of recognition — and I’ve seen plenty that weren’t nominated — please make sure to get them on the list in 2019!


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4 responses to “2018 Light Up South Milwaukee Awards: And Your Winners Are …

  1. Paul Wood

    There was nothing noted that last year’s winners were not eligible to win therefore I would not of signed up for this year. I decorate my house every Year adding something new each year. I know there are other houses that go above and beyond. I even saw one decorating in a boot that won last year

    • It was a late call by me, as we did the judging Saturday and I tabulated scores on Sunday. I wanted to strike a balance between recognizing last year’s winners, and still allowing new ones to win. This still a new program, and we are working out issues like this — in year three, we’ll be near perfect! By the way, you’re at 1333 Columbia, right? Your display is terrific. I’d consider you an early favorite in 2019. 🙂

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