Sex Offender Notification

A message from the South Milwaukee Police Department …

City of South Milwaukee Police Department
Sex Offender Notification

On June 1, 1997, Wisconsin Act 440, entitled “Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Law,” became effective. This is Wisconsin’s version of “Megan’s Law,” a law intended to help protect society by identifying convicted sex offenders and their placements within communities. This law applies to all persons who, on or after 12/25/93 were sentenced, in an institutional setting, discharged, or on field supervision for sex crimes.


The South Milwaukee Police Department is releasing this information pursuant to WI State Statutes 301.46(2m) which allows law enforcement agencies to inform the public that a registered sex offender is living in their community.

The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of a sex-related offense that requires registration with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. This offender has served his sentence imposed by the court and is now under the supervision of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections-Division of Community Corrections.

Basic information about Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification

This notification is not intended to increase fear, but rather intended to increase your awareness of this person’s presence in your community. Our belief is that an informed community is a safer community.

Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders will not be tolerated. It is illegal and violators will be prosecuted. Please understand that such abuse could potentially end our ability to do community notifications. We believe that the only person who wins if community notification ends is the sex offender, since sex offenders often derive their power or ability to victimize through secrecy.

Under Municipal ordinance 23.167 the City of South Milwaukee has limited legal authority to direct where a sex offender may, or may not, reside. Otherwise, offenders are constitutionally free to live wherever they choose.



Dialo R. Fuller
Date of Birth: November 1997
Height: 5’5” Weight: 151lbs.
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

Dialo Fuller (a registered sex offender) will be residing as a homeless person in the City of South Milwaukee. He will be monitored by GPS. He is currently on probation for: Exposing Genitals to a Child and False Imprisonment.

Dialo Fuller’s conviction arose from an incident that occurred when he forcibly exposed the genitals of a sleeping female juvenile non-family member, and then placed his body on top of her, rendering her unable to escape when she awoke.

How the South Milwaukee Police Department deals with registered Sex Offenders: 
In Wisconsin, convicted sex offenders are registered with the Department of Corrections following conviction. Once released into the community and under supervision, many of them must report to the local police department to participate in a face to face registration process. In South Milwaukee, the face to face registration consists of an interview and photographs of the offender and their vehicle.

The assessment of an offender’s potential to re-offend is not an exact science. Many factors are considered in deciding if the person is a potential threat to re-offend. If there are sufficient factors present to suggest a potential for danger to the community, a decision group is convened within the Police Department to determine what type of community notification might be necessary. Our decision group consists of supervisory members of the Police Department. Information from the Probation/Parole records and any other information deemed pertinent is considered when deciding what type of community notification might be appropriate.

William Jessup, Chief of Police
City of South Milwaukee

Any questions related to the sex offender’s placement, conditions of probation, or of a general nature should be directed to the Corrections Field Supervisor, Wisconsin Department of Corrections-Division of Community Corrections at: (414)229-0600

Contact the South Milwaukee Police Department if you witness the subject of this notification engaging in any criminal behavior, as you would for any other crime. (414) 768-8060


Follow up to our previous Sex Offender Notification post:
Per State law, because the offender resided in South Milwaukee at the time of his offense/time of his arrest, the City of South Milwaukee cannot prevent him from being placed in our city.

The fact he is homeless is also addressed by State law and the Department of Corrections is working on finding suitable housing.

SMPD takes the job of keeping our city and citizens safe very seriously and we will be closely monitoring his activity with the assistance of the Department of Corrections.


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    Homeless, really?

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  2. Rocandroo

    Wow, another homeless sex offender gets released in South Milwaukee! It just keeps getting better around here!

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