Lasting Tribute: John Galewski Field and Bob Weber Dugout

John Galewski Field and the Bob Weber Dugout … it has a nice ring to it!

I am so glad to hear the longtime baseball coaches are being honored in this way, and I encourage you to put May 10 on your calendars for this special celebration. More details here.

From my blog post on John’s 2018 retirement, which celebrated his Hall of Fame coaching career …

More important to me than numbers is the positive impact Coach Galewski has had on so many lives in South Milwaukee, me included. I’m proud to have gotten to know him in recent years, and I’ve enjoyed him sharing even a fraction of the wisdom he has around the game, coaching and life.

John Galewski’s legacy is unmatched, his impact profound. He has changed lives … shaping boys into young men, young men into adults.

I wish my 13-year-old son could have played for him. Thankfully, hundreds of kids did, and our community is better for it.

The same words could be said of Bob Weber … and I can’t wait to celebrate their legacy on May 10. Join me!

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