Voters: New Polling Places Set for Districts 2 and 4

Voters in the second and fourth districts will be casting their ballots in new locations starting with the April 2 general election.

District 2 voters (southeast side of town) will now vote at the Divine Mercy Gathering Room, 800 Marquette Ave., and District 4 voters (northwest side of town) will now vote at the Grobschmidt Senior Center, 2424 15th Ave. They previously voted at Lakeview Elementary and Rawson Elementary.

The decision means voters will no longer be in schools on Election Day in South Milwaukee. From the press release

In a combined effort with the School District of South Milwaukee, it was recommended to relocate any polling locations away from the schools in order to maintain security and the safety of students. …

During the next few elections, signage will be used to help guide voters on how to navigate their new polling locations. The City will also provide signage at the old polling locations to remind voters of the polling place relocation.

Voting locations for Districts 1 (Divine Mercy School, in the cafeteria, separated from students) and 3 (City Hall) will remain the same.

More details on our elections can be found on our Elections home page.

I want to thank our city clerk, our entire elections team and the school district for their work on this. It was a long time coming, and it’s all about safety and security. Our local schools have really stepped up their security measures in recent years, and those efforts should be in place every day kids are in school.

Separating voters from students on Election Day is the right call.


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2 responses to “Voters: New Polling Places Set for Districts 2 and 4

  1. Bob_Oliphant

    Am I correct that District 3 voters now vote at city hall. Will the move of District 4 to the Grobschmidt center cause some confusion and parking congestion?

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