March 19: Join Me — and the Police Chief — for Coffee with the Mayor

Update: Police Chief William Jessup will not be able to join me after all on March 19 due to a conflict, but Capt. Jill Kallay will in his place. See you then!

It’s time for another Coffee with the Mayor! And this time I’m bringing the police chief.

Join me and South Milwaukee Police Chief William Jessup from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at Avenue Coffeehouse, 911 Milwaukee Ave. for an open discussion on what’s happening in South Milwaukee. There is no set agenda, and pretty much anything is fair game. So bring your questions, comments or concerns for either the chief or me, or both, and grab a drink while you’re there.

Thanks to Sara and Aaron for hosting, and for Chief Jessup in joining me!

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One response to “March 19: Join Me — and the Police Chief — for Coffee with the Mayor

  1. Frank

    Here are 6 ideas to ponder, for the Mayor, the Police Chief and city officials. These are new technical possibilities in law enforcement.
    (1) Online police access to private cameras. This allows police to have cameras to use but not having to maintain them.
    (2) Camera drones, relatively knew but allows an officer to be in safe location when investigating a situation.
    (3) Liaison officers that are camera watchers, allows older people to help.
    (4) Modern database technics that show cross references both available data bases with investigation data. Some would consider this as big brother government at its worse.
    (5) Connect community that allows for a single internet service provider for are city it allows unique reference of private modems and broadcasting public cameras on TV channels.
    (6) The last, internet protocol switches on both public and private security lighting that allows remote turning security lights. This could be done from a squad car. Avoiding an officer to be in poor lighting. Yet, you do not have the lights on all the time
    These items are being debated across the country. The legality and right of citizens to have privacy always coming into question.
    Note driving drunk is not a good idea in South Milwaukee, the South Milwaukee Police are very good at stopping you.

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