Adopt a Tree: Request Your Tree Now, and Make South Milwaukee a Little Greener

I’m really proud of the city’s Adopt a Tree program.

Created by the South Milwaukee Beautification Committee three years ago, this public-private partnership has already led to the planting of 100 trees on local streets, with another 50 coming this year.

And we’re not stopping anytime soon. The goal: Reforest city streets, and in doing so deliver all the benefits trees bring.

The good news for residents this year: After our initial solicitation for participants — letters sent to homeowners who have seen trees removed recently — we still have a couple dozen trees remaining for purchase. Cost is just $100, a fraction of the overall cost of the cost of the tree and planting.

Interested? Learn more here.

This program is just one aspect of our enhanced urban forestry efforts in the city in recent years, and there are more to come. I’ll share some of those successes on Arbor Day on April 26.

Like many communities, we continue to remove dead and dying trees across the city, especially ash. But for the first time in many years, we are planting, too, and that investment in our city’s green infrastructure is great news for South Milwaukee. The Adopt a Tree program brings that investment to life, literally.

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