A Ceremony, and Art, to Honor Those Who Paid the Ultimate Price

Honored to be a small part of today’s Memorial Day ceremony, where we honored our fallen soldiers and the family of a local muralist who paid tribute to those heroes with a beautiful work of art.

As I said in my remarks .,.

We remember Ruddy as he would have wanted – through his art. This mural is his legacy, and it’s an incredible one at that. It also represents everything that Memorial Day is all about, about how some have paid the ultimate price, made the ultimate sacrifice, as they served our country.

We remember these heroes today, and every day, for how they laid their lives on the line to keep us free and safe from harm. We honor them for their service. Those on this memorial died for something real and enduring. In fact, they died so that people like Ruddy could express themselves freely and openly and creatively through works of art like this.

“I can’t think of a better tribute.”

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