Watershed Plan Update: Key Chapter 4 Draft, on Water Quality, Coming Soon

From the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission …

In 2019 SEWRPC staff continue to make progress on the plan, with work continuing on Chapter 4—Inventory Findings.  The Chapter will include an extensive review and analysis of all available surface water quality data, which will be evaluated in light of our completed field observations in 2016 and 2017.  Chapter 4 also will include a summary history of the mill pond and dam, an inventory of the biological data, channel conditions, and a habitat assessment for the streams in the watershed, and an estimate of pollutant loadings to the stream.  The Chapter provides a historic and “existing conditions” assessment of the Oak Creek watershed which will lay the groundwork for recommendations and strategies for restoration, which will be presented in Chapter 6 of the plan. 

The SEWRPC staff anticipate the next Advisory Group meeting to review Chapter 4 sections to be in fall 2019.

More details on the ongoing work here.


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4 responses to “Watershed Plan Update: Key Chapter 4 Draft, on Water Quality, Coming Soon

  1. Copmmon Sense

    So we’re in year 3 of the “study”. At this rate they will use up all the funds “study”ing. The problems could not be more obvious. Dredge the Mill Pond, Repair the dam and clean up the creek bed.

  2. Nels Monson

    I agree 100%. Thanks for the Common Sense!

  3. Mary C. Nelson

    I see that Dolomite stones are already missing from the top of the Dam. Is this the beginning of demolishing the Dam ? Ask Metro Sewage or Milwaukee County or DNR. Ask if any Asian Carp have been found in Lake Michigan in Chicago . If so, how long will it take them to swim into WI and find our Creek and swim upstream ? They can’t jump as high as the Dam.

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