Report: Milwaukee County Transit Cuts Proposed for South Milwaukee

The Milwaukee County Transit System is proposing cutting two of the three routes serving South Milwaukee — the 48 and 52 — as part of an overall $5.9 million reduction in service in the system.

That is according to this article posted this morning on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website.

This is incredibly frustrating and disappointing news, especially this comment, where the transit director appears to bring race into the decision and in doing so pits the City of Milwaukee vs. suburbs.

MCTS approached the cuts by trying to affect the fewest riders possible and with concern for racial equity, MCTS leaders said.

“If you look at us being stewards of services for low-income, minority populations that have endured 400 years of racism, it’s hard for us to say we’re going to take two miles of a bus route off of this road in the county so that we can preserve park-ride service for — and I’m overgeneralizing — a suburbanite who can afford their own car,” said Dan Boehm, MCTS president and managing director.

Now is not the time to cut transit service. A strong multi-modal transportation network — one that offers more than cars as ways to get to work, shopping or just generally around town — is more critical than ever in attracting and retaining businesses and residents, and connecting people with jobs and employers with people.

Thankfully, this is not the final word. We will fight this, in partnership with others. For now, I welcome your thoughts …

How would this impact you and those you know? Post your comments.


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11 responses to “Report: Milwaukee County Transit Cuts Proposed for South Milwaukee

  1. Randall Gosh

    Privatize it. Obviously the County can’t manage it properly

  2. Ashley P.

    I have been taking Route 52 since I started my college career. Yes, I am Caucasian and live in the suburbs, but that doesn’t automatically mean I can afford my own car. The same goes for all the passengers who take Route 52 on a daily basis to go to work, go to school (especially the elementary, middle, and high school on 15th Ave.), and etc. If it weren’t for Route 52, I would have to spend over half an hour walking to work, rain or shine, because Route 15 is too far from my worksite. Cutting these two routes would be a horrible mistake on MCTS’ part, especially under over-generalized racial and financial stereotypes that fail to recognize South Milwaukee’s diversity.

  3. Cheryl Prondzinski

    Our family uses Route 52 twice a day, 5-7 days per week. We commute to/from the SMPAC, the middle/high school campus (especially during bad weather), and to Milwaukee’s south side, like Alverno College – which is a faster transfer route than the #15. I have also used the #48 for jury duty and to get downtown for work or concerts. Yes, we own a vehicle, but it is more economical to use MCTS to save on gas, parking fees, and car maintenance. Please do what you can to keep these routes for our residents.

  4. Patricia Walter

    What about the students or teachers that take the public transit system? If they eliminate 15th Ave. they will not have the transit system..

  5. J Christiansen

    While this is not the best news it is an opportunity to re-examine the routes and maybe modify the 15 to serve the lines that are up for elimination. A viable option is to have the 15 head south on the current route to Columbia to 17th ave then to Milwaukee Ave and 10th and then head back via the existing route. By working with MCTC it shows that we are an ally that wants and needs the services they provide.

  6. J L Czarnezki

    My husband uses the flyer and my son uses the 52 bus to get to UWM…we need it and aren’t all citizens concerned about the impact on our environment whether we live in a suburb or not! That comment angered me when I read it this morning in the paper. We need these routes!

  7. Rob S.

    This is not right. Just because Milwaukee county can’t figure it out. The people have to suffer. Who can we the people contact to to voice our concerns about this?

  8. Erin Napier

    Perhaps the County will reduce our tax burden because of lower service to South Milwaukee? Perhaps we should request this in return. I think it is a huge assumption on the county’s part about diversity represented in its suburbs AND household income within its suburbs.

  9. Sheri Ciancaglini

    There is plenty of areas to shop & work on existing bus routes. And by the way? There are poor white folks too. Why does race always have to be mixed into everything. Maybe the transit system just wants to cut those routes? People can & will adjust to the changes. People always wanting to spray a little racism on everything???

  10. Kim

    Get rid of the trolley. It’s draining resources.

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