Good News for South Milwaukee: Bus Routes 48, 52 Will Likely Keep Rolling

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced today that in his executive budget he will restore service to a number of Milwaukee County Transit Routes proposed to be cut just last month.

That includes Routes 48 and 52, two of the three routes that serve South Milwaukee. Route 15 was not in jeopardy.

Check out the story here.

This is great news for our city!

Advocacy efforts helped, and I want to thank the South Milwaukee Common Council for its support of a resolution passed in support of the routes. Other South Shore communities, and the South Milwaukee School Board, passed similar resolutions.

And thanks to Supervisor Steve Shea and South Milwaukee Superintendent Jeff Weiss for their work as well. Both were leaders in this fight.

More than 1,000 signed Supervisor Shea’s petition, and he, Superintendent Weiss, Alderman Craig Maass, School Board President David David Maass, and I rode the 52 last week to raise awareness on the issue.

The fight is not over — the budget still must pass the Milwaukee County Board. Also, County Executive Abele was clear in saying that deeper cuts are possible if a new funding source isn’t found, including the sales tax referendum legislation in front of lawmakers now.

But, for now, these routes have been spared. And that’s great news for South Milwaukee and the hundreds of people who rely on them to get to and from school, work and stops in their everyday life.

I was proud to be a part of the fight.

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One response to “Good News for South Milwaukee: Bus Routes 48, 52 Will Likely Keep Rolling

  1. patrucia Lauth

    Maybe Abele should take a pay cut and then he can’t build another masion.

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