Downtown Streetscaping Update: Lighting up Milwaukee Avenue

The Milwaukee Avenue streetscaping project hit a minor milestone today, with the installation of the first new LED streetlights to replace outdated fixtures from decades ago.

The result will be higher quality, more energy efficient lighting delivered from poles fitting of our city center’s new look.

It’s part of the first phase of the project, which includes …

  • Removal of existing banner poles and footings;
  • WE Energies removal of existing lighting and installation of new conduit and lighting;
  • Installation storm sewer and inlets at 9th & Milwaukee intersection;
  • Removal and replacement of designated curb and gutter, and installation of curb for new curb ramps, new curb on west side of 9th, south of Milwaukee Avenue. (Angle parking removed.);
  • Removal and replacement of designated curb and concrete pavement, as well as installation of new curb ramps at specified  intersections;
  • Installation of temporary traffic signals at 10th and Milwaukee intersection, removal of existing traffic signal and installation of new equipment;
  • Modification of traffic signals at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue to 13th Avenue to remove and install new signal heads and poles (to replace banner poles); and
  • Installation of pavement markings for new signals and crosswalks, and bike lane on each side.

Phase two next spring includes sidewalk replacement, the planting of street streets and the addition of other amenities, like planters. Indeed, there still a lot of work to do. I thank you for your continued patience.

Learn more on the Milwaukee Avenue Streetscaping Project page on our website, or by joining the Facebook group we’ve started.

We are committed to strong communication on this project, and regularly share updates like this one posted this week: “Please be advised that ‘No Parking’ signs will be skipping around Milwaukee Ave as construction continues, especially over the next few days. One side of the street should always be available for parking. Thank you for your patience.”

On those platforms you can also find broader project description and timeline and other resources, including a downtown parking map.

As to parking, we have more public parking available downtown than many realize — including at 1008 Milwaukee Ave. made available through a partnership with Guardian Credit Union — and I encourage to make use of those lots during this construction and beyond.

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  1. Patricia Walter

    Not really much different. Different color and metal. I thought they would be a completely different style.

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