Supervisor Shea Plans Town Hall Meeting on Budget

As I’ve written about, the proposed Milwaukee County budget has mixed news for South Milwaukee, and includes the suggested closure of Grobschmidt Pool in 2020.

But this is not a done deal — and Supervisor Steven Shea wants to hear your thoughts on the county executive’s spending plan. See you Tuesday!


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2 responses to “Supervisor Shea Plans Town Hall Meeting on Budget

  1. Frank Gratke

    My view, Mr Shea ran an extremely impressive campaign. He had to overcome a huge money difference. He has taken saving bus routes as one of his key issues. I belief the Milwaukee County financial position is close to bankruptcy. They have differed a lot of capital improvement projects. We need to look at sources of funds that come thru the county but are not tied to the county budget.An example, is money to train people These funds could make a big difference to St Francis, Cudahy and South Milwaukee. Again, the more people who attend the more credence the discussion has.

  2. Frank Gratke

    Was at the event, Mr Shea brought 7 county department heads with him. Great meeting, here is the URL for the proposed budget . I suggest out of the 460 pages you go to page 52 a very good summary. It is a PDF.

    The budget is 1.2 Billion with 300 million coming from tax levy. That means most of the budget gets money coming in is directed. Which means non directed money is limited. County transit, parks, public safety and social programs have to take cuts when expenditures go up and revenues are flat.

    The news was Mr Abele the county executive will not be running for reelection. The issue most pressing for South Milwaukee coming out was our county pool. It needs a $100,000 repair to reopen. Mr Shea suggested two things. If we do not reopen next year it will never reopen. The second is, bring it up to the candidates running for county executive. He thinks their will be a large field. He said he is not a candidate and unsure of State Senator Chris Larson.

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