Milwaukee Avenue Streetscaping: Work Shifts to Westbound Side of 900 Block

Here is an update on partial street closures and more …

  • Milwaukee Avenue eastbound (9th to 10th Ave) will be opened to traffic on Monday, October 21st. (The south side parking may remain closed or intermittently closed for WE Energies lighting work)
  • 9th Avenue between Milwaukee Ave and Madison Ave will remain closed.
  • Milwaukee Avenue westbound (9th to 10th Ave) and parking lane will be closed starting at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 22nd for pavement saw-cutting, removal, and replacement.
  • Wood poles have been installed at 10th Ave and Milwaukee Ave for temporary traffic signals while signal equipment is replaced. Installation of new equipment is anticipated over the next 3 weeks.
  • All excavations behind the curb will be filled with stone and concrete slurry or asphalt surface for winter.
  • Pavement removal and replacement west of 10th Ave will continue through October weather permitting. Any remaining pavement work will begin in spring 2020 if we run out of decent weather.

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