Celebrating Heroes: Reflecting on Veterans Day

I had the honor of speaking at yesterday’s Veterans Day ceremony at American Legion Post 27 … but the biggest honor of all was hearing the remarks of South Milwaukee Police Department Lt. Jason Walker.

Lt. Walker is a major in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and delivered some powerful remarks in front of the nearly 100 people in attendance, including dozens of E.W. Luther students.

We thank him for his service, and for the service of all our our veterans and active-duty military. The City of South Milwaukee is blessed to have a number of veteran employees, and those who currently serve. We stand with them and are proud to support their efforts.

As Lt. Walker said …

There’s a common thread that binds veterans of all conflicts and all services together. They put the needs of their nation ahead of their own personal dreams, ambitions, and often their families, their careers, their education, and more. They are the few and the proud, and yes, they deserve all the praise and adoration we can muster.

I ask you once again, rather than simply praising them, honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans by becoming the sort of Americans worth fighting for, for we all fight because we love this country and hope to see it grow and succeed. The veteran can rest assured and know every day when they look in the mirror, that they did what they could for their country.

Take the gift that our veterans have given, to preserve our nation and build upon this rock solid foundation to keep the United States of America a country worth the sacrifice. On behalf of veterans everywhere, I ask that we focus on all that binds us together as Americans – from our heroic origins, to our love of the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy today. Ask what you can do to serve this country and unify this great nation, so the sacrifice of our veterans is not in vain.

This is the Promised Land thanks to those who have sacrificed and preserved it as such. Let us never take that for granted. Let us always be the example the world looks to as a symbol of hope, inspiration, and freedom.

Here are his full remarks. Thanks, Lt. Walker, for your service.

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One response to “Celebrating Heroes: Reflecting on Veterans Day

  1. Ernie Wunsch

    Thank you to all of our veterans and active duty as well. The remarks of Lt. Walker are so perfectly said and we are truly grateful for all of the branches of the military and their fine men & women for the sacrifices they give and gave on a daily basis.

    Ernie W.

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