Bright Spots: County Budget Includes Funding for Grobschmidt Pool Repairs

From Milwaukee County Supervisor Steven Shea’s press release

As Milwaukee County’s structural deficit grows we are forced to do more with less every year. Despite the limits on our revenue and overall reduction in spending, there are several bright spots in the 2020 budget that South Shore that residents can look forward to. Transit service will be maintained for residents who depend on Milwaukee County Transit System’s routes 48, 52, 55 and 80, seniors who use the Kelly Senior Center will be happy to know we are investing $250,000 for a new boiler, outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate a resurfaced parking lot at (Wil-o-Way) Grant Park, and I’m very happy to report that Grobschmidt Pool will remain open for the 2020 season,” said Supervisor Shea.

Thanks, Supervisor Shea, for fighting for South Milwaukee and the South Shore, and to the County Board for including this funding in their final budget, and to County Executive Abele for letting it stand.

Here is a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story on the budget.

So, we rejoice for now, while recognizing the future is far from certain on Grobschmidt Pool — still one of the lower-utilized pools in the county, and one of its oldest — and all of the county assets in South Milwaukee.

Parks, pools, transit, you name it … it is increasingly difficult for the county (and cities like us, for that matter) to invest in their services and facilities.

It only gets harder from here, and the next county executive.


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5 responses to “Bright Spots: County Budget Includes Funding for Grobschmidt Pool Repairs

  1. pat gerasch

    Very happy to hear So.Milwvhasnt been forgotten in the budget! Extremely happy the pool will be opened in the summer! Thanks to all who helped make this happen.

  2. Bobo

    $250000 for a boiler replacement ??? You cant be serious ??

  3. SM Guy

    Simply amazing that they can make the decision to fix the pool but can’t dredge the lagoon.

    • It’s not amazing at all. The dredging decision — with its likely six- or seven-figure price tag — needs to be made in the context of the larger watershed restoration effort. It can’t be done in isolation. That’s how we approached it in decades past. Not anymore.

      • Frank Gratke

        I calculated the correct number of digits is 10. You start cleaning the lagoon and finding pollutants. Then, find the sand pile that was the cause of it upstream and clean it, then clean the other places its gotten to . This would include the 80,000,000 pounds of sand used in the Indianian Gaming Casino Parking lot in the downtown valley.In other words, Billions not Millions.Note SEWRPC meeting on the watershed coming to Oak Creek city hall Thursday December 12 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. I belief this is the URL of the draft copy of what is what is being presented.

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