Who’s on the Ballot? An Early Look at the Spring 2020 Elections Locally

The campaign filing deadline for spring 2020 candidates came and went on Tuesday, and here is who is running for what locally.

These races will appear on the April 7, 2020, ballot …

  • South Milwaukee Mayor: I will not have ballot opposition, as I seek a third three-year term leading the city. I am grateful for that, but also pledge to not stop working to deliver South Milwaukee’s promising future, together. Forward!
  • South Milwaukee School Board: Five candidates are vying for three spots: three incumbents (my wife, Sarah Brooks; John Haslam and Augie Vega) and challengers Crystal Champagne and Patrick Hintz.
  • Milwaukee County Board: Supervisor Steven Shea is also running unopposed, as he seeks his second two-year term.

There will be a contested primary on Tuesday, Feb. 18, for Milwaukee County executive. More details on that and other races here.

I’ll be posting more on the upcoming elections as they get closer. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to run for public office!


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9 responses to “Who’s on the Ballot? An Early Look at the Spring 2020 Elections Locally

  1. Frank Gratke

    Four candidates or 5?

  2. Frank Gratke

    The South Milwaukee Mayor Position should be full time.I belief that would require a common console action and a special election. Any person doing the job know sacrifices to much time for two little support.

  3. resident.

    Once again how to run was hidden in order to allow incumbents to hold on to positions for far to long. Your going to get a third term which is sad, because nothing has changed in S. Milw under your leadership except taxes and fees have gone up.

    Years ago you complained about unopposed elections now you enjoy it. Funny how that works when your in power.

    • Frank Gratke

      The third term could be a lot better. Experience helps. It takes time to change perception and I believe there is an easy solution..Dig into the issues and ask questions of people coming in with ideas. The power to get things done is background knowledge on the issues!

      • Resident

        Based on what? What in smke is better other then much higher water bills and taxes? Caterpillar basically gone. Milwaukee Ave same as before.

    • RJ

      I am amazed to see yourpost that makes an accusation of ‘hiding’ how to run for office in Wisconsin.
      The Wisconsin Election Commision administrates the process as spelled out in State law for all Wisconsin communities in the exact same manner. You can easily find it on the internet, and if you dont have access to it, you can ask the city clerk who is bound by our laws to provide you with the information. Nobody is or can be ‘hiding it’ from you. You’ve obviously just not done the research to find out the facts..
      A lot has changed in SM for the better since 2010. You’re just not paying attention or choose not to. Yes, all taxes and fees have gone up in Wisconsin municipalities during that time period. And all have been approved by the majority of our elected officials, not just one. We continue to enjoy many state and municipal services that other states with lower property tax rates no longer provide. Those residents now have to pay separately for things like private trash pickup and fire protection. If you still don’t like it here as a property owner, there are always options like renting or relocation. If you think it’s high in Milwaukee County, feel free to move to Dane County where they pay 25% more than we do.
      You still have time to rally those who think like you, get your signs in the ground, and run a write in campaign for Mayor of SM. But you’d better bring some real facts to the table rather than the baseless opinions you’ve shared. Good luck!

  4. Frank Gratke

    Having been on the ballot for school board,alderman,mayor and state assembly the rules are easy until you get to state assembly. For school board you just sign up, for alderman 20 signature mayor 50. State assembly is 200 but you really need to take them to Madison. However, the state has a stricter review of the signatures. Getting on any ballot requires timely action, the rules are very tight on dates.
    Now running for election successfully takes time,money and support from family, friends and neighbors.I compliment Mr Sea and Mr Brooks for getting all 3.I had none of the three and only got on the ballot to highlight environmental issues.Both the common council and school board have citizen comments. It allows an avenue to address issues. A written comment always goes further.

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