Finally, Some Transparency, But Only a Little: Hearing on Oak Creek Postal Facility Set for Tuesday, January 28

The lack of transparency from the United States Postal Service on their project on our city’s borders continues to frustrate me.

No other developer would be allowed to act this way, and keep the public in the dark as to what is happening at the corner of College and Pennsylvania Avenues. But, by law, the USPS can.

So we are forced to struggle to find out even the most basic details about their project … a lack of public input that led to the Oak Creek and South Milwaukee City Councils to oppose the project last year.

The public’s first chance to learn more about the project and share their feelings on the development comes Tuesday, Jan. 28, at a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wetlands permit public hearing at Oak Creek City Hall. The hearing begins at 6 p.m.

Check out the notice here, and here is NOW coverage.

I’ll see you there. Please ask tough questions. I will. We deserve answers.

Do better, United States Postal Service.


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2 responses to “Finally, Some Transparency, But Only a Little: Hearing on Oak Creek Postal Facility Set for Tuesday, January 28

  1. bobbob

    This is similar to the City of South Milwaukee . They pass laws and rules without any input from TAXPAYERS.
    The Federal Government can do whatever they want and dont need any CITY telling them what to do.
    The facility is in OC so SM has no juristiction anyways.
    Worry about fixing up downtown . You should have gotten them to build at the old BE site .

  2. Frank Gratke

    I have a very different prospective what needs to be done. Last time I talked to my source, the question was how much the USPS was going to build. I believe we need them to build the entire two production buildings and administration offices. This is approximately 1,000,000 sq feet. With e-commerce going big the Amazons Walmart etc will want to build their national warehouses in the area for speed of delivery.

    This post office is centrally located in the country with an airport that does not have as lot of passenger air traffic compared to Chicago, Dallas etc. AKA it is a prime space to get a package delivered anywhere in the country fast.We should lobby to get the whole facility built. The vacant caterpillar site could become a very big warehouse controlled by a trillion dollar company. Question who can we lobby for this?

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