Headlines! Bucyrus Club Edition

Check out these South Shore headlines, starting with coverage of Thursday’s Bucyrus Club announcement in the following publications …

And check out the Facebook Live stream of the announcement.

Here are some other headlines …


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4 responses to “Headlines! Bucyrus Club Edition

  1. Jeffrey Magnuson

    Growing up in South Milwaukee and graduating in 1972 I loved every day there. Will anything ever be done to beautify our historical Lagoon we all enjoyed as we grew up? Thanks for your time reading this.

    • Absolutely, it is being studied as part of our ongoing watershed planning effort. The plan is due at the end of the year. The projects that come from that will take years to accomplish, but we are finally on track to make significant and lasting investments in the entire watershed, the lagoon included.

  2. Cory

    I still haven’t heard or understand why you feel that the US Postal Service needs to take our input and be transparent with their plans to build a facility in the neighboring city of Oak Creek but then just a couple weeks later you and our own city can move ahead with buying an old building for over a half million dollars and having to sink another million dollars plus into renovations. I like the idea that the bucyrus museum will be back again and there may be another fish fry place, and maybe an affordable rental hall for residents to have birthdays, graduations, and maybe even weddings at, but it doesn’t seem like either would bring in the money needed to pay for utilities, renovation, purchase price, maintenance, etc and it would just be a money pit for an already struggling city. I hope I’m wrong but it seems like this is a move the city should not be making (purchasing and renting a big, old building) when they have so many other upgrades that are needed in the city (water utility infrastructure, school funding, streets/sidewalks, etc).

    • My apologies — I had meant to respond sooner to this.

      Let me start here: We followed the letter of the law around public meetings, notifications, etc. Do I wish I/we could have been much more public about this, earlier? Absolutely, because that is always my bias. It’s why I started this blog, maintain one of the most active mayoral Facebook pages perhaps in the nation, and continue to drive new communications platforms for the city. Information sharing is really important to me, especially in an era of reduced media coverage. But, in this case, being public early would have jeopardized — likely doomed — this very complex deal. It could have driven up the cost of the building, and most certainly would have impacted our relationship with all of the partners. They may have walked away. Confidentiality, to the extent it was allowed, was critical. So I and we abided by that.

      As to the deal itself, I get it, there is risk here. But we are confident that, with the partners we have and funding sources lined up, it is an acceptable one — and will be more than worth it in the end. As Tim Sullivan said at the press conference, “You have to spend money to make money.”

      Please hold us accountable. Ask tough questions. I welcome it.

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