Proud Past, Promising Future: Zion Moves Worship to South Chicago Campus, Eventual New Church

In February, I had a chance to wish the leaders of Zion Lutheran Church well as they held their last worship services at Ninth and Michigan Avenues and took one more step toward their plans to build a new church at their campus at 3600 South Chicago Ave.

From the proclamation I presented …

WHEREAS, Zion Lutheran Church was established in the City of South Milwaukee on July 3, 1892, when a group of 18 worshipers met for service at the home of John Ahrens, and organized the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation; and

WHEREAS, later that year its first church was built on the southeast corner of 6th and Milwaukee Avenues and was dedicated on September 18, 1892. In 1903, a Christian day school was established. Soon after, it became apparent the church needed to expand, so additional space was added to the original church; and 

WHEREAS, in 1924 construction was begun on a second church building on 9th and Michigan Avenues, which was completed in 1925. Dedication of the new church and adjacent school was done in 1926, and the congregation would build on that foundation for the next 70 years. As the congregation grew, Zion Lutheran needed once again to build a new school, so in 1996 the new school was completed at 3600 S. Chicago Avenue. This also will be the home of the new church, as Zion moves from its current church location; and

WHEREAS, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church has been a strong and integral part of the South Milwaukee Community for 128 years, and will continue to be a part of our community and for generations to come. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of South Milwaukee offers its congratulations on the celebration of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church’s 128 years of worship, and the special service of thanksgiving for the 95 years of worship at the 9th and Michigan location, and wish them continued success as a leader and partner in our community at their new facility at 3600 S. Chicago Avenue.

Additional information from Pastor Weber …

The congregation will be meeting in its fellowship hall at its school location on Chicago Ave in South Milwaukee until the new sanctuary is completed.  In addition to the sanctuary, Zion plans to build a new daycare, approximately twice the size of its current daycare, as well as a large fellowship area and fireside room that connect the church and school. Excel Engineering is designing the new buildings and with the Lord’s help it plans to break ground in late summer of 2020. The construction project, from beginning to end, will take 10-12 months. The people of Zion look forward to their future and new opportunities in the community!

Thanks, Pastor, for your church’s strong role in this community for more than a century, and for your commitment to growing in South Milwaukee!

As for what’s next at the church at Ninth and Michigan, it’s an exciting addition to our growing religious diversity in the city. I have met the new owners, and look for a post about them tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Proud Past, Promising Future: Zion Moves Worship to South Chicago Campus, Eventual New Church

  1. RocketMom

    Out of curiosity. Who bought the church?

  2. Look for tomorrow’s post!

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