Public Meeting, Comment Period Set for Oak Creek Postal Facility

The United States Postal Service is holding its first public meeting, to share details about its upcoming development at the corner of Pennsylvania and College Avenues in Oak Creek.

It is this Thursday, March 12, starting at 6 p.m. at Oak Creek City Hall.

I won’t rehash all the concerns I’ve had with their lack of transparency to date in this post. You can read some of them here.

I joined Oak Creek and USPS leaders at a meeting last month, where they committed to scheduling this. I thank them for following through on that, even if it’s a meeting that should have happened about six months ago, before earth movers showed up and clear cut the site — before Oak Creek even had plans for the project in hand.

I’ll hopefully see you there. Be heard.


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2 responses to “Public Meeting, Comment Period Set for Oak Creek Postal Facility

  1. Frank Gratke

    I would like to thank Mayor Brooks for his compassion on the subject. . He looked and sounded good at the last meeting. A great deal of Oak Creek residents said “They felt their view was well represented by the South Milwaukee Mayor.”‘

  2. Frank Gratke

    The meeting took place. The post office is going to start with 400,000 plus sq foot building. The Oak Creek residents nearby were voicing unhappiness.My concern/fear, it showed how little government agencies work together. There was no.cowardination on flood issues with SEWPAC or with the Airport on package terminal location. I expect, in a few years, another 800.000 square foot of buildings. It is just such a prime spot for a post office because of how close it is to the airport.

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