COVID-19 Update: Staying Diligent on Coronavirus

I’m very confident in the work the South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department is doing, with plenty of partners, to address Covid-19.

We have the right people and processes in place, and are adapting as needed to ensure we’re staying ahead of this as much as possible.

Our pledge: We will keep residents as informed as we can on coronavirus, through all of the communications platforms available to us.

For the most regular updates and tips, I suggest following the Health Department and city Facebook pages, checking the city website, and downloading the SM Works app.

This was shared on the Health Department Facebook page today …

The Health Department continues to work closely with all of our City departments, schools, public libraries, SM Human Concerns, Grobschmidt Senior Center, and senior health communities to educate on the prevention of spreading infection and planning as this situation evolves.


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2 responses to “COVID-19 Update: Staying Diligent on Coronavirus


    Do you have test kits?

    Have you tested anyone yet?

    • As I understand it, there are two testing locations in the county. We are not one, but can use the others. And I am not sure if anyone has been tested locally. There are no positive cases in the county, which is what I am most concerned about.

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