Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are taking steps to address the COVID-19 pandemic in South
Milwaukee, and it starts with our people.

Senior leadership has gathered to discuss continuity of operations plans, to ensure we are prepared to deliver at least our most essential services, if the impacts of the illness deepen. Particular attention is being given to delivery of services that involve customer contact with potentially vulnerable individuals.

We are adding nursing staff to the Health Department, who are on the front lines of this, and meeting regularly to share updates.

Our public buildings remain open. However, we are taking steps to keep frequently visited buildings – the Grobschmidt Senior Center, South Milwaukee Library, South Milwaukee City Hall and South Milwaukee Police Department – safe. This includes enhanced cleaning and disinfecting processes.

Here are some other steps we are taking to keep our workers and the public safe.

  • At the Police Department, we are enhancing our disinfecting of equipment, squad cars and the department lobby; avoiding unnecessary contact with citizens who may be ill; and requiring officers to take protective measures (wearing gloves and masks) when they do make contact. As the situation develops, we may be taking additional protective measures to limit exposure.
  • The Fire Department has increased the use of ultraviolet disinfecting lights, and are more frequently disinfecting equipment and vehicles. We are limiting the number of personnel exposed to people showing symptoms, which starts with enhanced screening by 911 dispatchers, and we are wearing masks when working with symptomatic patients (and placing masks on the patients as well).
  • Learn more about steps the library is taking on their Facebook page.
  • Our Water Utility has suspended in-home installation and checking of meters.
  • We have also urged against employee travel.
  • We will share regular updates on the city’s website and Facebook page, and sign up for our SM Works app, to join an email list. We will also post updates at our public buildings.

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