Text for the All-City Phone Call I Made Last Night; if You Didn't Get it, Please Sign up for the Service

I made an all-city phone call on Thursday evening, and may make more in coming days and weeks. Here is the transcript of the Thursday call.

Importantly, if you have not added your mobile phone to our phone list, please do ASAP. It is easy to do, and will give another way to stay in touch on updates on COVID-19, in addition to our website, Facebook page, the SM Works app and other platforms.

Sign up here, and ask others to do so, too.

You can also sign up for text alerts. All landlines are already included in the service.

We are doing all we can as a city to communicate clear, concise, accurate, and consistent information on the pandemic. This is one more platform.


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3 responses to “Text for the All-City Phone Call I Made Last Night; if You Didn't Get it, Please Sign up for the Service

  1. bobbob

    Is the city planning to extend property tax deadlines in light of all the people out of work ?
    Also have parking restrictions been lifted similar to Milwaukee . Overnight parking OK ,etc. ??

    • We have lifted winter parking permit requirements. We are still asking people to abide by others. No plans currently to extend tax deadlines.

      • Dee D

        Here’s an idea that I believe the city could help all who reside in SM during these unprecedented times. Why can’t the water utility department temporarily rescind the new FIXED rates and replace with old ones. There are going to be outrageous amounts on these water bills! If the city can’t help us that way, maybe a flat percentage discount. Water usage in SM has to be higher since entire families our home now. Thanks for chipping in South Milwaukee!

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