March 23 Updates: First COVID-19 Positive Case, Statement on Coming "Safer at Home" Order

A few updates on this continually changing emergency …

First, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is issuing a “Safer at Home” order on Tuesday related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will share the order and additional information on our city communication platforms as soon as it is made available.

Statement from South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks

I stand behind the decision of the governor, with the support of our health administrator. Decisions we make will be, and need to be, guided by our health officers. This order — as with other rules, guidance and recommendations issued during the pandemic – are being put in place to slow the spread of the virus and improve public health. We need compliance from the community for this to make a difference. Please read the order when it is issued, and act accordingly. Stay home.

Statement from South Milwaukee Police Chief William Jessup

We are going to work in concert with our Health Department to ensure orders are followed. We believe the vast majority of the community is concerned for themselves, their families and their neighbors, and fully intend to voluntarily comply with this order. If violations arise, law enforcement will take note and educate and inform those individuals. Enforcement will be a last step.

Positive Case Reported

Also, the South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department has become aware that an individual residing in South Milwaukee has tested positive for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

It is the city’s first positive case.

Following private testing, the individual returned directly home and has remained under isolation. To prevent the spread of illness, the South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department is conducting a contact investigation to identify and follow up with any individual who had
close contact with this person.

Close contacts will be monitored by local public health department staff, do daily symptom and temperature checks, and self-quarantine.

Read the full release here.


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2 responses to “March 23 Updates: First COVID-19 Positive Case, Statement on Coming "Safer at Home" Order

  1. bobbob

    I assume this STAY AT HOME order means DO NOT come to CITY HALL to early vote . I assume you saw that Milwaukee cancelled their early voting to protect workers and voters . I assume you have enough common sense to do the same .

  2. Someone

    So you support the violation of 1st amendment rights? Thats sad.

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