Supporting Small Business With a Special Edition of “Bridges” Magazine

In February, we announced plans to launch “Bridges,” a new City of South Milwaukee news magazine in partnership with the South Milwaukee School District. We quickly went to work preparing for our first edition … and then the world changed.

So we’ve regrouped, and we have a new plan for our first magazine: A special publication of “Bridges” all about supporting local businesses, including free ad space.

We are proud to announce that each South Milwaukee business will be given space for a 1/6th-page ad – 2.33 inches wide by 4.875 inches tall – to promote their operations during and/or after the emergency order.

Let customers know what your business is doing during these challenging times. What ways are you meeting with clients during this time of social distancing? Are you offering carryout or delivery? Any special discounts or free add-ons? If you are closed now, what are your plans to reopen when this crisis is passed? You get the idea.

Interested? Fill out this form by noon on Thursday, April 2.

You can either submit your own completed ad (high-resolution, color PDF for print), or complimentary ad design will be provided, if needed. All ad content will be needed by end of day on Tuesday, April 7. We will not be able to accommodate you after this date.

We are anticipating mailing the newsletter the week of April 13.

The City of South Milwaukee is fully funding design, print and mail costs, and we and the school district will include a small amount of content related to our local response to COVID-19.

Thanks to Caprile Marketing/Design for stepping up to help with this issue.

Design or other questions? Call Barb Caprile at 414-215-7999.


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3 responses to “Supporting Small Business With a Special Edition of “Bridges” Magazine


    Quite the small talk. How many cases of Cornavirus 19 in S. Mil as of march 31st?

  2. South Milwaukee Man

    Dear Mr. Brooks, would you consider a stimulus package for the citizens of South Milwaukee, maybe no in the form of no property tax this year or next year until we can get back on our feet.

    Could you also please get in contact with President Trump and ask for $30 billion for the citizens of South Milwaukee, enough to pay each citizen of South Milwaukee approximately $1.39 million dollars and still have money left that city should use to invest in the city. The South Milwaukee small town Stimulus should invest in essential businesses to serve the citizenry of South Milwaukee. Essential businesses such as indoor farms that can provide food for our city year round, and South Milwaukee paper mill to provide toilet paper for we the people of South Milwaukee.

    South Milwaukee needs to invest in South Milwaukee, to ensure our citizens are never put through hardship in the face of an “invisible enemy”

    Please now is the time to sincerely reach out and ensure we get our piece of Stimulus pie. The Federal Reserve is printing money like it’s toilet paper, and when they’re done that’s what it’s gonna be worth. Even more important all of our citizens gets a large payout, many of us are not going to be able to survive with the imminent hyper inflation and devaluing of the dollar. There are much bigger issues here than people getting sick or even dying from a virus. Send a ballot to every address in South Milwaukee and have them answer the survey “Do you want Mayor Brooks to request a $30 billion Stimulus Package from President Trump to provide every citizen of South Milwaukee $1.39 million?”

    I’m sure you know how to persuade Trump into giving us the money, you’re a politician, I know you can think of something clever.

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