Indecision 2020: Election is on, and Absentee Ballots Also Due Tuesday, Courts Say

The chaos continues around Tuesday’s election, following two Supreme Court rulings Friday evening.

First, Election Day will be held as scheduled, after Gov. Evers initially ordered it suspended on Monday afternoon, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled.

Then the U.S. Supreme Court court ruled all absentee ballots must either be returned or postmarked by April 7 to be counted — a reversal of a ruling last week that gave voters until April 13.

Details on the rulings here … and you can read my broader concerns about our leaders in Madison here. I also delivered a citywide phone message this evening, and you can see the contents of that here.

Long story short, we will get it done locally tomorrow, thanks to the hard work of our clerk’s office, all of our teams supporting them, and all of those working at the polls and counting ballots in the days ahead. Because that’s what we do. Accountability for our state leaders must come later. 


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4 responses to “Indecision 2020: Election is on, and Absentee Ballots Also Due Tuesday, Courts Say

  1. bobbob

    We need to send a message at the next election and get rid of VOS and FITZGERALD . They no longer represent the voters . They represent their party and selfish egos.
    Be sure not to vote for Fitzgerald to rep[lace Sennenbrenner , people , We need a recall to get rid of all these deadbeats !!

    • Melanie

      Oh bobbob,
      Don’t you know that both sides do the same thing. It’s all about power, ego.
      Thank goodness for the State Supreme Court

  2. Ken

    Hooray for the Supreme Court!!!

  3. Ricky

    Time to rid of Evers!! He has no leadership qualities and his only agenda is to get the teachers to like him.

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