Bingo for Business: South Shore Chamber Program to Help Local Merchants

Bing card 1

Bingo card 2

I love this! From the South Shore Chamber of Commerce

The chamber wants to help South Shore businesses as best as we can. We’ve developed BINGO cards!


The rules of BINGO are: five across, five down, or five diagonal. Four corners does not count. Pick a card or play off of both. Once you get BINGO once or as many times as you can, mail in the card(s) and the receipts for the corresponding BINGO to the following address: South Shore Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 100183, Cudahy, WI 53110. Please include your full name, address, phone number, and e-mail (if possible) with the mailing.

There is not a minimum purchase price required for each space, but please be sensible with this. We’re here to support!

The receipts must be dated between April 22, 2020 – May 31, 2020. Receipts cannot be back-dated as we would like you to shop again, even if you’ve already visited the business before!

The number of BINGO’s achieved will be the number of entries into a drawing to win “Chamber Bucks”! If you fill up the entire sheet, you will get 20 entries to win! The drawings will occur in June.


We have twenty (20) Chamber Bucks to reward to winners, worth $25 each, plus other possible prizes! When the winner receives the Chamber Bucks, it can be redeemed at a local business. The list of businesses that will accept the Chamber Bucks is to be determined. More information about redeeming the Chamber Bucks will be provided to the winners.

Below is two BINGO cards to work off of. We tried to find the most bars, restaurants, and a few businesses that, after research, are open. We apologize if we missed some! The phone numbers were obtained from the main page of a Google search for each.

Let’s have fun and play a game while supporting local businesses in the South Shore!

Any questions, please email 


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2 responses to “Bingo for Business: South Shore Chamber Program to Help Local Merchants

  1. Kathy Henn

    You have alot of nerve nothing for Fancy Paws dog grooming. You remember Donna the one that you promised to help her find another store when she had to move out of the sausage shop( that is now up for sale). She heard from your joke of a committee once and finally found her store with no help from you thenb or b now. Take your game and take a hike!

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    • Resident

      Don’t worry… SMPD and the Mayor is looking for anyone who parks and stand in line for 2-3 minutes, and if they park in the entire Milwaukee Ave No Parking, they the 1940 WW2 SMPD will be their to FINE YOU, or ASK TO SEE YOUR PAPERS!

      No Constitutional Law or R ights you have, and IS BEING SHOWN TO ALL, how in fact criminal your leader in your city is!

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