SGNSM May 1: Meals for Kids and Seniors, Human Concerns Fundraising, Naty Turns 6, Library Opens Curbside, Chamber Bingo, and More Good News

Some more good news in South Milwaukee! And be sure to check out episode five of “Some Good News,” which dropped earlier this week.

The library is now open for curbside service! Details here.
The special edition of the new city magazine arrived in mailboxes this week, with more than 50 free ads for businesses. See the online version here, and look for the first regular edition in early summer!
The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is helping local businesses with a cool bingo game. Get a bingo by patronizing these stores — and win! Details here.


There are a lot of special birthday celebrations happening these days, and I was proud to be a small part of one last weekend, with dozens of people driving by to wish Princess Naty Santiago a happy sixth birthday, as she sat on her throne on the back of a pickup truck. Happy birthday, Naty!


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4 responses to “SGNSM May 1: Meals for Kids and Seniors, Human Concerns Fundraising, Naty Turns 6, Library Opens Curbside, Chamber Bingo, and More Good News

  1. Kathy

    Question….I know we are to save receipts, but yesterday we got food from Luna’s Mexican Restaurant in St Francis and did not get a receipt and I’m sure it was from Cinco de Mayo. I did take a photo. Does that help?

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  2. Melanie Poser

    I’m wondering if the free lunches from the school district are for those who can no longer afford to feed their children or for everyone. I know of some families who are not suffering financially and bringing their kids everyday for lunch. It just doesn’t seem right.

    • They are indeed open to all South Milwaukee children, similar to their traditional summer meal program, and I support that. It’s a great thing they are doing, reflecting that more than half of the kids in our district qualify for free or reduced lunch from the federal government (well over half in some places). How would you means test it anyway? It would be a logistical nightmare.

  3. Mary

    So lets see, SM Mayor allows close contact, within 6 feet of each other to make, prepare food to the needy, people preparing food we eat, yet you can’t pray in churchs next to each other? Notice in the photo, people with arms around each other and no social distancing in providing city services? See the scam?

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