Now Showing: “Quaranteens,” a Production the South Milwaukee High School Theatre Company

35531834_202632293710929_8126531363340812288_nCheck out the newest production from South Milwaukee High School Theatre Company! 

Here is the link on Facebook.

And here is the YouTube link:

From their Facebook page …

SMHS Theatre is proud to present THE QUARANTEENS: An Original Virtual Play.


When the COVID-19 pandemic strikes and turns the lives of people around the world upside-down, a group of 16 high school students are suddenly forced to grapple with social isolation, a loss of meaningful experiences and uncertainty of their own futures.


  • Alex Trevithick
  • Anna Basha
  • Brianna Gaidosh
  • Cara Jenquin
  • Eli Lindner
  • George Vajagich
  • Isabella Bravo
  • JP McCown
  • Kal Knight
  • Kaylyn Hipsley
  • Lia Krystowiak
  • Natasha Bernovich
  • Owen Smith
  • Shelby Morgan
  • Shyann McIntosh
  • Sonona Haring

Written/Directed/Edited by Tim Backes. Costumed by Eva Menzia


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One response to “Now Showing: “Quaranteens,” a Production the South Milwaukee High School Theatre Company

  1. Chris T

    We love all our children! We fight the system so it changes back where you are Free, and live in a Constitutional Nation.

    The SM Mayor and our teachers, were teaching you have to comply with what you are taugh and told to do – unquestionable. Thats the problem young folks. Its their way or you are an enemy. But we give you freedom of thougth, and hope you use your own common sense.

    Your SM Mayor and other cities, who are locked down, are Not following your Constitutional Law and Rights. They want to you to believe you are required to follow their words and orders, unquestionably. If you don’t, you are bad.

    Did you know our 2020 class, you really do not need Drivers License to Travel? Like back 100 years ago, and you rode your horse down a public road, did you need a license? No! You could go where ever you wanted, unquestioned. But what does the SMPD and other police do? They pull y ou over and ask for your Drivers License. You know, legally, By Constitutional Law, you only need a Drivers license “if you are being paid and travelling as a business”. It says it in the 1st paragraph of the DMV. Understand?

    If you are “travelling” public highways and going to the store, see grandma, or whever, if you are not a Paid CDL over the road driver, hauling a load to a business, you are not required to have a Drivers license, because you are not making commerse (making money for a business). But the criminal laws, copys and judges that are here right now, are criminal. Your constitutional right gives you free travel, and you need not any license. Thats the criminal Gov that needs to keep you under their thumb. That is what is being exposed right now. Or in court, why do you face all employees who are paid by the criminal city? The judge, procesutor, police, and your free legal defense are all paid employees of that same city. See how criminal the courts are? If they were constititutional courts, you would face a unpaid by the city and impartial judge, who is not paid by the same city trying your case. Ask and think! The whole system is criminal and we are tryring to remove these crooks from controlling your life. You are fee, but not limited to what they want to control and let you do.

    You are our nations future, so please, don’t let our nation crash to the criminals.

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