Record Rain: Following Up on the August 2 Flooding

Did you experience drainage issues and flood damage from last night’s rains? It’s important that you report those to the City of South Milwaukee, so we can get an accurate list of impacted addresses.

From the city’s website …

The City of South Milwaukee’s official rain gauge measured 3.3” of rain on 8/2/2020. Although the sewer inlets and storm sewer pipes functioned as designed, they do have limited capacity. Additionally, the height of the Oak Creek limits our storm sewer’s ability to outflow quickly. As a result, we have received some reports of water damage/flooding in residential areas. If you experienced any sanitary or drainage issues due to the rain on 8/2/2020, please report it by filling out this form, or call 414-768-8051.

While the city’s rain gauge (at the South Milwaukee Wastewater Facility) measured 3.3 inches, areas in other parts of the city likely received more.

Mitchell International Airport received almost five inches, and there were reports of more than five inches in Oak Creek and Franklin.

The images are from this page on the National Weather Service website. The deep purples indicate more than four inches of rain from noon on August 2 to noon on August 3.

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