Help Deliver a Safe Halloween Trick-or-Treating

There will be Halloween trick-or-treating on Saturday, but we need your help to make sure it is done safely amid the pandemic.

Please follow the guidelines shared by the South Milwaukee and St. Francis Health Departments, which you can see in this post and here.

Many area communities are moving ahead with trick-or-treating this year. Some aren’t. And I respect each community’s decision 100%. None of these choices since the pandemic began are easy.

I feel it can be done safely, if the guidelines are followed.

Taking part will be — and should be — a personal choice. If you are not comfortable with handing out candy, please leave your porch light off.

For those who do trick or treat, it comes down to personal responsibility, just as this has been since March.

We all need to step up to slow the spread of the virus. Socially distance, wear masks, avoid gatherings (especially indoors), reduce long-duration contacts with others, practice good hygiene — all things that can be accomplished if we follow the guidelines for trick-or-treating.

This will not be a normal Halloween, nor should it be. None of this is normal. But as community leaders we will continue to do our best to keep everyone safe in these unprecedented times, offering strong and clear guidance that puts public health first.

It’s up to all of us to follow it.

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