It’s Election Day. Vote!

Polls are now open!

From the Office of the City Clerk …

  • Find your polling place here:
  • The City of South Milwaukee has taken several precautions to keep voters and poll workers safe. Read more about voting with COVID-19 here:
  • Absentee ballots can be turned in on Election Day. They can ONLY be brought to City Hall and they must be received by 7:45pm on Tuesday. There is an outdoor drop box just outside the City Hall front door that is accessible 24/7. There is also an indoor drop box in the City Hall lobby.
  • For information on Curbside Voting, please read more here:

More details on our Elections web page, including a sample ballot.

If you have already voted, thank you. If you haven’t, please do so today, and have your voices be heard.

And please join me in thanking our city clerk’s staff, pollworkers and other city workers for their continued hard work on our elections. It has been inspiring to see how they have adapted to the changing nature of voting amid a pandemic, creating a safe, seamless and efficient process for the thousands of people who have already voted, while ensuring those who do vote in person on Election Day can do so safely.

Check the city website and South Milwaukee Blog for results tonight.

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