Thank Our Election Workers — by Accepting the Results

Democracy won on November 3. It won because of our local election teams. 

That is why I sincerely thank our City Clerk’s office and the dozens of poll workers for their work on the most recent election. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the way people vote in this country has changed almost overnight. Along the way, we as a city — and hundreds like us across the state, thousands across the country — have adapted with amazing success, learning, making improvements, and showing nimbleness and flexibility that is nothing short of inspiring. 

I am grateful for everyone who has had a role in that in South Milwaukee.

To those who are trying their hardest to find “irregularities” in the system, without evidence and with no likelihood of changing the results of the November 3 election, please stop.

I get it — many are not happy with the outcome. Me included! 

But publicly questioning the process, and refusing to accept the results, cuts to the core of our democracy — our ability to conduct and count the vote. 

I lost in my Assembly race on November 3. The next morning, I called Rep. Jessie Rodriguez and conceded, and sent a message to hundreds of my supporters doing the same — because that’s what we do in America. 

When political candidates lose an election in this country, they step aside. Incumbents help the new person transition. Challengers move on, while also holding the winners accountable, as I will do in the 21st Assembly District. 

They don’t, without proof, call into question the entire election. They don’t do what our president and countless other Republicans are doing right now. They don’t claim potential “irregularities” and “fraud” without proof, as Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is doing. They don’t suggest throwing out the results of the election, as Rep. Joe Sanfelippo is doing. They don’t question the legitimacy of the election, as Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is doing. And they don’t stay silent when their colleagues say these things.

Let’s be better than this — and remember that questioning “the process” is really questioning people, those same local election workers who stepped up in these most unprecedented of times. They are not abstractions.

Poll workers are your friends, neighbors, and family members — students, retirees and plenty other local residents in between on the front lines, delivering elections, doing their small part for democracy at $9.25 to $10.50 an hour, one vote at a time.

Claims against a fair and accurate election are really claims against them, and no one should stand for that. I don’t. I’m proud of their work in South Milwaukee, and you should be too. Let’s show it by respecting the results of November 3, whether your candidate won or lost.

This is what democracy must look like. 

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