The Next Day

This can’t be America. We can’t let this be America.

Division and discord can’t define us, even though we know they too often do, exacerbated most recently by our president and the pandemic. They defined us again on Wednesday, one of our darkest days.

We have to reckon with that as a nation.

As we do, the work of local government gives me hope today.

It comforts me knowing that work will continue, driven by leaders who seek to unite us, and delivered by people who won’t be deterred by the riotous acts of a mob a thousand miles away.

Our Health Department will continue to lead our fight against COVID-19, as it prepares to administer our first doses of the coronavirus vaccine, while continuing to test the community, track the illness and offer guidance on a safe and responsible reopening.

Our first reponders will go about their work as they always do, keeping us safe from harm and saving lives.

Our Street Department will pick up your trash. Our Senior Center will distribute meals to seniors over the lunch hour. Our clerk and treasurer’s office will keep working behind the scenes as they always do, as will our engineering, economic development, inspection, assessment, administration and other teams. The library will open as usual. Water will flow from your tap, your toilet will flush, and our water and wastewater utilities will continue to live out their promse of clean water.

Knowing that reassures me, especially on days like this.

It doesn’t diminish what happened in Washington D.C., and the need to hold those behind it accountable. It doesn’t diminish the need for those who support the insurrection we saw to take stock and speak out against it. It doesn’t diminish the hard work ahead in healing this country as a whole, starting today.

It does make me proud to lead the team I do. Let’s get to work, together.

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