MCTS NEXT: Changes Coming to South Milwaukee Bus Service

Significant changes are coming to South Milwaukee’s bus routes as part of the Milwaukee County Transit System’s MCTS NEXT initiative.

Information on the overall effort can be found here, including a chance to sign up for virtual meetings to learn more about the changes on Feb. 18, 25, or 27, or March 4.

From MCTS …

Our region has evolved over the years, especially when it comes to the locations of job centers, shopping destinations, schools, and residential areas. That’s why, in 2018, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) started working on a new approach to improve the rider experience and meet the community’s modern needs. The MCTS NEXT system redesign aligns with Milwaukee County’s mission to advance racial equity and enhance the quality of life through great public service. Faster service, more connections, and easier-to-understand routing are just some of the benefits rolling out in 2021 as part of MCTS NEXT. 

Changes impacting Routes 15 and 52 in South Milwaukee take effect March 7. See the detailed changes here.

This video talks about the Route 15 changes. From the website …

  • Route 15’s routing on the south end will be adjusted. Buses will travel south along 10th Avenue and Chicago Avenue, ending at Chicago & Drexel. Northbound buses will head west on Drexel, north on 15th, east on Marquette, then north on 10th like it is today.
    • Route 15’s service on Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue will be replaced by Route 52 (see Route 52 details). There will no longer by any service on Columbia Avenue due to low ridership.
  • Click here to see a map that compares this route’s new routing to its previous routing.

A number of Route 15 stops in South Milwaukee are also being removed.

As for Route 52 in South Milwaukee …

  • There will no longer be any service on 17thAvenue, Milwaukee Avenue, and Rawson Avenue west of 15th due to low ridership.
  • The nearest available Route 52 stops for residents in this neighborhood will be southbound 15th and Rawson or northbound Chicago and Marquette. Additionally, residents can utilize Route 15, which also stops at northbound 15th and Marshall or eastbound Marquette and Chicago.
  • Route 52 service will be added on Madison Avenue (between 10th and 5th) and 5th Avenue (between Madison and Puetz) to replace Route 15 service.
  • Route 52 service will also be added on Chicago Avenue north of Puetz Road.

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